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Baby Showers

A new bundle of joy is always a reason to have a party and shower the new mommy with gifts!

Get your friends together and make a special memory for the mommy to be. Listed below are some of our favorite possibilities for baby showers. Have something else in mind? Let us know we always love new ideas. Each painter pays for his or her own pottery  “gift” to the mommy.

    • Everyone paints picture frames for the special moments in the new baby’s life. Examples: first steps, first haircut, first tooth, first bath, coming home, and many more.
    • Each guest creates something for the new baby’s room. Popular options are piggy banks, decorative plaques, containers for cotton balls and Q-tips & picture frames.
    • Each guest paints a tile for the new baby to be mounted into a mirror frame for the nursery. We can keep a tile out to do baby’s footprints when he or she arrives as well!