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About Us

Pink Pig Pottery Studio offers 6 different walk-in activities anytime we are open! Come in and we can help you create a one of kind masterpiece!

Pottery Painting is a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. Escape from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy your people here with us. We offer hundreds of pottery options with tons of colors to choose from. Price depends on the pottery piece you choose however the average cost is $15-$25 per piece with items for less and more. Stop by anytime to paint with us! No appointment necessary.

We offer Clay Hand Building as a walk in project anytime of the day. Simply come in and ask us all about it. Cost is $25 for 2.5lbs. The cost includes studio time to create it and us to fire your masterpieces you create. You then get to paint it!

Slime: Create your own slime with our slime craft center. Select your colors of glitter, and add in pieces. This is a walk in anytime project that won’t mess up your house. Keep the mess clean up to us!

Canvas: We offer walk in canvas painting anytime. Cost is $25 and includes all supplies needed to create a masterpiece. Simply choose the canvas design you want to paint and we help you along with way. Average time is 2 hours per project.

Door Hangers: Oh how we love to create fun door hangers that you and your neighbors get to enjoy year around. We have 30+ samples to choose from and we show you and help you along with way.

Wood Signs: Wood signs are a fun way to spruce up your home or even office. We do ask that you preorder so we have it ready for you when you arrive.